William Reynolds

PO Box 1374
Ellsworth, ME 04605


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Anchor, Sorrento, ME
Anchor, Sorrento, ME

Barge Wheelhouse, Ells0002
Barge Wheelhouse, Ellsworth, ME

Barge with 3 Tires, El0003
Barge with Three Tires, Ellsworth, ME

Cabin Cruiser at Rest,0004
Cabin Cruiser at Rest, Sorrento, ME

Chain with Rockweed an0005
Chain with Rockweed and Mussels

Crab Legs
Crab Legs

Crab Shells Stacked, M0007
Crab Shells Stacked, Manset, ME

Dinghy Bow, Sorrento,  ME
Dinghy Bow, Sorrento, ME

Fish Trays with Orange0009
Fish Trays with Orange Baskets, Honolulu

Granite Mooring Block,0010
Granite Mooring Block

Hose on Dock Ramp
Hose on Dock Ramp

Octopus bowl, Honolulu0012
Octopus Bowl, Honolulu

Rope and Mussel Shells
Rope and Mussel Shells

Two Dinghys, Sorrento, ME
Two Dinghies, Sorrento, ME

Two Old Boats, Sorrento
Two Old Boats, Sorrento, ME

Wonderland Rocks
Wonderland Rocks

Wrecked Boats and Boy,0017
Wrecked Boats and Boy, Sorrento, ME

Yellow Boat, South Poi0018
Yellow Boat, South Point, Hawaii

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