William Reynolds

PO Box 1374
Ellsworth, ME 04605


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Aqua Coffee Cups

Barrels & Buckets, Nor0002
Barrels and Buckets, North Salem, NY

Barrier, Hoop, & Tape,0003
Barrier, Hoop and Tape, Brooklyn, NY

Basement Pencil Sharpe0004
Basement Pencil Sharpener

Basement Storage, Nort0005
Basement Storage Area

Bone Bag Black
Bone Bag Black

Bone Bag Orange
Bone Bag Orange

Bottles and Golf Balls
Bottles and Golf Balls

Bungees hanging in the0009
Bungees Hanging in the Basement

Chinatown baskets, Hon0010
Chinatown Baskets, Honolulu

Couch in the Woods, Wa0011
Couch in the Woods, Waltham, ME

Exterior Fuel Storage,0012
Exterior Fuel Storage, North Salem, NY

Fox Skulls on TV
Fox Skulls on TV

Grill on Moss, Manset, ME
Grill on Moss, Manset, ME

Gum on Rock (USA) Ston0015
Gum on Rock (USA) Stone Mtn., GA

Handsaws Hanging
Handsaws Hanging, Amherst, ME

Junk Pile with Saw Blades
Junk Pile with Saw Blades, Ellsworth, ME

Life Vests, Sled, and 0018
Life Vests, Sled and Plastic Sheet

Margie's Sunglasses
Duelling Aviators

Mike's Gas and Fertili0020
Mike's Gas and Fertilizer Storage

Motor Oil Cans on Rug
Motor Oil Cans on Rug

Sam's Junk Pile
Sam's Junk Pile

Spinning Film Reel
Spinning Film Reel, Grand Auditorium, Ellsworth, ME

Stone Mtn
Stone Mountain Gum

Table Lanterns, XYZ Re0026
Table Lanterns, XYZ Restaurant

Vertabrae on Windowsill
Vertebrae on Windowsill

Wrapped Appliance, Amh0028
Wrapped Appliance, Amherst, ME

Wreath Rings, Amherst, ME
Wreath Rings, Amherst. ME

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