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People Gallery

Brush Bag Man copy
Brush Bag Man

Counter Girl
Counter Girl

Dinner Party with Wine0003
Dinner Party with Wine

Drummer and Bassist
Drummer and Bassist

Early Swim in the Huds0005
Early Swim in the Hudson

Famous Feet
Famous Feet

Fish Market Men, Honol0007
Fish Market Men, Honolulu

Girl Pets Dog While Bo0008
Girl Pets Dog While Boy Looks Away

Guitarist in Action
Guitarist in Action

Leopard Dress Lady
Leopard Dress Lady 2

Leopard Dress Lady copy
Leopard Dress Lady

Making Lawn Art
Making Lawn Art

Motorcycle Cops,  Mont0013
Motorcycle Cops, Montgomery, AL

Old Man Buying Meat copy
Old Man Buying Meat, Honolulu

Pedestrians in Red, Ch0015
Pedestrians in Red, Honolulu

Pedestrians, Chinatown0016
Pedestrians in Chinatown, Honolulu

Sam Look for Bottlecap0019
Sam and Beth Exploring Colorado

Sam at  the Beach
Sam at the Beach, Manset, ME

Sam in Two Pictures, M0018
Sam in Two Pictures, Manset. ME

Sam on Balcony, Waikiki
Sam on Balcony, Waikiki

Sam on Van, Montgomery0021
Sam on Van, Montgomery, AL

Sam with Bottlecap copy
Sam with Bottlecap

Sumo Man Close-up copy
Sumo Man Portrait

Sumo Man Sitting on Bumper
Sumo Man Sitting on Bumper

Table with Wine and Bl0025
Table with Wine and Blurry People

Truck Driver Pumping G0026
Truck Driver Pumping Gas

Two Kids and a Chocola0027
Two Kids and a Chocolate Lab

Two Women, One Margari0028
Two Women, One Margarita

Walking Woman, Chinato0029
Walking Woman 2, Chinatown, Honolulu

Walking Woman, Chinato0030
Walking Woman, Chinatown, Honolulu

Wheelchair Woman copy
Wheelchair Woman, State Capitol, Montgomery, AL

Xmas Tree Farmer, Amhe0032
Xmas Tree Farmer, Amherst, ME

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